de_nugis (de_nugis) wrote in spn_j2_xmas,

Gift for themegalosaurus

Title: Antarctica
Giftee: themegalosaurus
Gifter: de_nugis
Pairing/Characters: Sam/OMC
Wordcount: c11500
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam sets out to get drunk, eats gourmet mac and cheese, takes a break, has a breakdown, and discusses the flora and fauna of the Antarctic. Set immediately after 10.3.

A/N: Dear themegalosaurus: First, sorry this is so very, very late. Second, I didn’t go with quite the circumstances of your Sam/OC prompt (French cinema: a mystery to me), but I did try to weave together a few of your likes and interests: Sam/OC, fics set at specific points in canon, Sam’s defenses surprised by tenderness in sex, Sam weirded out by his soulless!bod, hurt!Sam. Third, Happy 2017! Despite my incredible slowness with this, I couldn’t be more delighted to have had you for my recipient and to offer a small return for so many deep, delightful, and disturbingly penguiny conversations.

Many thanks to the mods for this excellent exchange and their much-tried patience, and fervent gratitude to amberdreams for the eleventh-and-a-half-hour beta.

Read on LJ (PART ONE and PART TWO) or HERE ON AO3.
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