whirlpoolsleep (whirlpoolsleep) wrote in spn_j2_xmas,

Gift for frozen_delight

Title: We Are Drinking Beer at Noon on Tuesday
Giftee: frozen_delight
Gifter: whirlpoolsleep
Pairing/Characters: OFC, implied Sam/Dean
Wordcount: 3,408
Rating: R for language and adult situations
Summary: Melanie meets Dean while he's having a beer in a bar. She meets Sam after she watches him wash the car. She gets to know them more by what they don't say than what they do.

A/N: This is tragically late because I rewrote it so many times. Outsider POV character study with a side of a female character who doesn't take shit, but (hopefully) isn't a cliche.

Here on AO3
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