2020 Masterlist!

Yes it's March, yes it is also STILL March, like the rest of the world we continue to live in March-land. We apologise for the lateness of this post. Here's the masterlist for spn-j2-xmas 2020:

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As usual, if you spot any mistakes in the masterlist, let us know. We really super cannot wait to see you next year!

Lots of love from your mods,

oddishly and glovered
digging graves

gift for kirathehyrulian

Title: Stacking the Odds
Gifter: glovered
Giftee: kirathehyrulian
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Words: 12,000
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dean wakes up with no memory of the previous night, motel room trashed and no sign of Sam. Did Sam ditch him for hooking up with a local hottie, or was he kidnapped? The dark woods hold many secrets and Dean really doesn't want to have to go in there to find out.
Author's Note: kirathehyrulian - Thank you for your patience waiting for your gift! The holidays have officially been extended. I love your art so much and was so happy to write this for you. Happy 2021!

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Gift for kingstoken

Title: A Visit From the Queen
Gifter: tammyrenh
Giftee: kingstoken
Pairing/Characters: Sam and Rowena (gen)
Word count/Medium: 4K
Rating: PG
Warnings: creepy creatures, minor characters deaths off screen, a bit of cursing, a bit of flirting from Rowena
Summary: Sam hasn’t used magic for a long time. But a visit from Rowena while working a case might just change that

Notes: I was so happy to pinch hit for you kingstoken, I love Rowena and Sam’s relationship so I went with that prompt. I hope you enjoy.

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alastair dean

Our Own Story for stardustdean

Title: Our Own Story
Author: tifaching
Recipient: stardustdean
Characters: Sam, Dean
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4722
Summary: Dean wants to cut his own Christmas tree this year.  How hard can it be?
AN:  So many apologies to the mods and to  stardustdean for the inexcusable lateness, I think tardy is my middle name.  I loved all your prompts but the Christmas one was my favorite!  I hope you enjoy! 

On AO3 Here

Gift for firealchemist18

Title: How can I reach the sea?
Gifter: themegalosaurus
Pairing/characters: gen, Sam Dean and John
Word count: 1.6k but this is chapter one of three
Rating: T
Warnings: gore. Upcoming chapters will deal with depression/self-destructive to passively suicidal behaviour
Summary: "College," Dean says. "He's not going," says John.

A/N: This is the first chapter of an intended three but I didn't want to leave it later to post. The others should appear over the weekend! Thank you to the mods for their patience and apologies to firealchemist for the delay. It's been A Very 2020 Christmas Season...

Fic on AO3

Gift for themegalosaurus

Title: a rock with a hole in it
Gifter: de_nugis
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Cas, Soulless!Sam/Cas
Word count/Medium: c11000
Rating: NC-17/E
Warnings: animal death (hunting for food), canon-level non-sexual noncon, some kinds of unrequitedness, a bit of bondage (honestly, also pretty canon-level for Sam and Cas, kings of chaos!bdsm).
Summary: Castiel walks back into Faerie with Sam's soul in a jar in his pocket.
A/N: this is more than usually late and has certainly tried the mods' patience and kept the recipient waiting, but it's a joy to write for this exchange and a privilege to write for themegalosaurus. Happy New Year to all.

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Gift for swan_song21

Title: Silver Linings
Gifter: charliebradbury
Pairing/Characters: J2
Word count/Medium: ~4.5k
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Dub-con (because of the context)
Summary: A case of debt forces Jared to agree to prostitution. Mob boss Mark Pellegrino loans him out to elite white collar criminal Jensen Ackles, who is enigmatic and impossible to read: and who just may surprise Jared in ways that he was definitely not expecting.

A/N: Very, very happy holidays to you, my dear recipient! I loved all your prompts so much, and I tried to put in at least a few things that you might like. <3

Wishing everyone at SPN-J2-Xmas a very wonderful new year, especially the lovely moderators, oddishly and glovered, who make this totally awesome fest possible every year. Thank you. <3

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Jensen-Beard Kink

Gift for Ashtraythief

Title: Breath of Life
Pairing/Characters: J2
Word count/Medium: 3k+
Warnings: Mentions of blood. Descriptive death.
Summary: Jared's life is turned upside-down after a despicable betrayal. Now he will have to learn to be stronger in order to get what belongs to him back. Good thing he's not alone in the fight.

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 Happy New Year!