Gift for verucasalt123

Title: 50 Words For Snow
Gifter: wetsammy
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Word count: 3626
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Warnings: Pre-series, Underage (Sam is 16), Hurt/Comfort, Hypothermia, Hurt Dean Winchester

Summary: A black dog hunt goes wrong. An early snowstorm hits. Dean is hurt and Sam has to figure it out.

Link to fic on AO3
Yuan Xing Liang

Gift for runedgirl

Title: Tempting Fate
Gifter: runedgirl
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Word count: 6641
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Warnings: Top Sam, Bottom Dean, Oblivious Sam, Hurt Dean, Jealous Sam, Jealousy, Manipulation, Flirting, Established Relationship

Summary: Dean feels neglected by Sam and sets out to make him jealous, hoping that Sam will give him some attention.


Based on the prompt; sometimes Dean likes to make Sam jealous. I hope you enjoy your gift.
SPN: Winchester boys

Gift for Charliebradbury

Title: this is how we tried to love
Gifter: canon_is_relative on AO3
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean, mentions of John and appearances by Mary and Jack
Word count: ~4,000 for now
Rating: Mature
Warnings: none
Summary: This started out as a coda to 14.13 ‘Lebanon’ and turned into something much bigger. It’s a complicated first time story whose roots lie in the moment Sam first asked himself, ‘Why me?’ Why was Sam the one who had to send John back into the past?

To my dear giftee, thank you for the amazing prompts you sent my way for this exchange. I found inspiration from every one of them, perhaps most notably from #1: “that fic/art/vid you've always wanted to do <3”. That blanket permission was the springboard I needed to start working on something that has been on my mind for almost a year. But then…the whole thing became much broader in scope than I’d ever imagined and, to cut a long story short, it’s not finished and the next three weeks are going to be incredibly busy for me. So I took the first 1/3 of the story, found a place where it comes to a natural end and stands alone, and I’m posting that for you today. I have a lot of the rest written and I hope to be able to return to it around the new year – if not sooner! I hope you enjoy part one, although more of the things in you list of ‘likes’ ended up in the later sections ... how’s that for narrative irony :)

Link to gift on AO3

this we were, this is how we tried to love,
and these are the forces they had ranged against us,
and these are the forces we had ranged within us,
within us and against us, against us and within us.
-Adrienne Rich
Kiss me Sammy

Gift for DarkLittleHeart96

Title: Not Strong Enough to Stay Away
Gifter: Hunter King (wincest_whore)
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Sam, mentions of Chuck
Word count: 5,043
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: top!Dean, bottom!Sam, werewolf!boys, alpha!Dean, omega!Sam, barebacking, claiming, post season 15
Summary: After they stopped the end of the world...again, Chuck rewards the Winchesters by turning them into werewolves. With Dean as an Alpha and Sam as an Omega now, the brothers have to stay away from each other for their own safety. But when Sam's leads run cold on a hunt and asks for Dean's help, Dean is just not strong enough to stay away.

LJ | AO3
its the modern equivalent

Gift for soy_em

Title: Every New Beginning
Gifter: sometimesalways (lj)/cherryvanilla (ao3)
Pairing: Sam/Dean</b>
Word count: ~2700
Rating: R
Warnings: underage (Sam is 15, Dean is 19), spoilers for ep 7.03
Summary: Now they’ve left Lincoln -- and presumably, the girl in question --and the aftermath feels like yet another thing causing distance between them, with Dean unable to bridge the gap.

Ao3 link

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This is the pinch hitter sign-up post for the 2019 round of spn_j2_xmas!

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The availability question is also not binding -- if you say you're available but then find you're busy around the holiday period, that's totally not a problem. This is just a rough guide to make the process speedier on the mod side of things. :)

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