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The Supernatural and CWRPF Holiday Exchange 2016 - Sign-ups

As promised, spn_j2_xmas is back for a 2016 round!

This is a Secret Santa style fanworks exchange for the SPN and CWRPF fandom. You sign up with what you'd like to receive and what you're able to do, then you're matched up to create a SPN or CWRPF fandom gift for another participant and to receive one in return.

Art, fic, and vids are all welcome as are any and all pairings. Despite the community name, this is not a J2 only exchange - you can request Sam/Castiel, Rowena gen, Jensen/Rob, Osric/Genevieve, or whichever other pairings float your boat.

A run down of the rulesCollapse )

Drop-out/sign-up policyCollapse )

Signing up!Collapse )


Sign ups will run for one week, from today Tuesday September 6th to 11:59pm EST on Tuesday September 13th.

Assignments will be sent out approximately a week later, on or after September 20th. We'll post when they've been sent out and ask everyone to confirm receipt.

Posting of gifts will run from December 1 to December 25, 2016. You can post your gift any time in that range - there are no assigned posting dates - and we'll be checking in with you along the way. We will give you full posting instructions nearer the time!

If you sign up, we would also recommend joining and watching the community now so that you can be granted posting access and so that you don't miss out on any information.

One last thing: If you have participated in any of the past rounds and have changed your LJ name since, please let us know, either in your sign-up comment or in an email to spnj2xmas @ This is to try and prevent people getting the same match-ups as they've had in the past - we want to keep things new for everyone!

Any questions, please send them to the mod email address: spnj2xmas @

Pinch-hitters, as always, are lifesavers. A post will go up nearer the time pinch-hitters are needed, asking for your sign-ups. ♥

If you would like to help promote this round, please check out the delightfully dorky promo banners I made HERE.

Here's to another fantastic round! Have fun!
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LJ name: hybridshade
Contact email: hainescathy at gmail dot com

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? writer
What sort of gift would you like? preferably fic

What pairings/characters would you like? J2, Sam/Dean, J3, JDM/JA, background/secondary pairings are fine too so long as one of these is the main or eventual pairing.

What are your general 'likes'? angst!!, h/c, AUs of all sorts - fantasy, scifi, secret agents, coffee shop, rock band, college, etc etc... magical realism, special abilities or powers, creature!fic and all that that might entail, vamps, weres, a/b/o, kinks of all kinds (very few things squick me, so if it's not in my dislikes then consider this as me giving you free reign), porn (preferably with a little bit of plot), casefic, hurt!boys, bottom!Dean/bottom!Jensen, promiscuous!Dean/Jensen is fun, genderswap is fine, I also love when someone takes a trope/cliche and turns it on it's head and shows me a new side of it.
What are your general 'dislikes'? genfic, het, femslash, extreme underage, deathfic, terribly sad endings, crack, pairings with Cas/Misha, OTT fluff, scat, and that's about it.

What can you do? J2, J3 and/or Jensen/JDM, Wincest, see my likes list
What can you definitely not do? see dislikes, het, gen, pairings with Cas, etc.

List up to five prompts (optional):
~any kind of historical and/or fantasy AU
~uneven power dynamic, for example A is a cop and B is a criminal, or A is the boss of the company B works at, or A is a teacher and B is a student/TA, etc. Take it wherever you like.
~character A secretly has/acquires some sort of amazing power, up to author if/when character B finds out and how they react
~a chance meeting
~size!kink (big or small!)
If all else fails, take a look at my 'likes' and see what you fancy.
LJ name: crimsonepitaph
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? Fic

What pairings/characters would you like? (in order of preference) Jared/Jensen, Gen focused on the brothers, Sam/Jess

What are your general 'likes'?

For J2 fics: sci-fi with an underlying human element, angst, schmoop, fluff, hurt/comfort, plot over porn all in moderate doses, happy fics, happy endings, realistic fic and characters, humor, banter, marriage, established relationships, normal life, multi-faceted characters, big, strong men being adorable and childish, musings about the beauty of simple moments, hikes, walks, picnics, comfort after a long day, badass!J2, uniforms and suits in general, navy seals, any form of address that is even remotely formal for J2, rough/passionate sex, chill and lazy sex, sex toys, mild role plays (no daddy kink, though - boss and secretary, nurse and patient, etc), office sex, couch! sex, don't mind some exhibitionism, dragons, myths, greek gods/legends, soulmates, undying love, kids, hero journeys with a twist, 'human' characters, with both vulnerabilities and strengths.

For gen fics: banter, brother bonding, action, badass Sam and Dean, case fics (um, but nothing overly complicated :D), brother moments, the Impala, side characters (Bobby, John, Mary, Ellen, Rufus, etc), outsider POV, brothers being protective of one another, hurt!Winchesters (no permanent injury, not anything disastrous, just something to warrant hurt/comfort), quiet moments in the bunker after an action-filled day.

For Sam/Jess: Sam/Jess married with Dean still in the picture, badass!Jess, exploring how their relationship would have evolved if Jess had lived, but Sam had remained a hunter

What are your general 'dislikes'? dystopias, historical! AUs, slave fics, unbalanced power dynamics, extreme kinks (humiliation, watersports, scat, bloodplay, BDSM, underage), not a dislike, but would prefer no crossdressing, J2 or Sam and Dean characters with questionable morality/'evil' characters (serial killers, psychopaths, evil!Sam, etc), abuse, extreme violence, lack of remorse, damsels in distress, cheating, contrived misunderstandings, emotional rollercoasters, not a huge fan of pining!fics, college and high school fics are not a preference this year, character bashing of any kind, real life wifes or kids in fics

What can you do? Things listed under likes, open to exploring new concepts as long as they are not listed under dislikes, Js with other pairings but still close friends, Sam and Dean involved with other people (Dean/Jo, Dean/OMC, Dean/OFC, same for Sam)

What can you definitely not do? anything under dislikes; the following pairings: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Benny, Sam/Lucifer, Sam/any angel, Dean/John, Sam/John.

List up to five prompts (optional):

No ideas for prompts this year; I'm excited for whatever you come up with based on the mix of likes!

LJ name: stonenumberone
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? Fic

What pairings/characters would you like? Sam/Dean

What are your general 'likes'? ANGST. Slow burn. Pure pining, lovesickness, the whole bit. Bottom!Sam (!!!) Curtain!fic, case!fic, domestic!fic, apocalypse!fic, pretty open to all non-AUs and AUs, underage (adore Weecest, but nothing too extreme age-wise), high school, boys living in motels or ramshackle houses, shotgunning (Dean teaching Sam how to smoke especially), first-time, Dean teaching Sam how to kiss/get off/fuck, porn, breathplay (!!), hairpulling, rimming, fingering, Dean calling Sam "baby boy" (but not to the point that it's excessive and cheesy), the brothers being in-character, possessive!Dean, protective!Dean, Sam being a slut and not realizing that Dean is jealous, bi!Sam, season 1 wincest, Dean being lowkey in love with Sam's hair/bangs, roadtrips, Dean awkwardly trying to court Sam, death!fic, canon divergence, mind bending plot twists where suddenly everything makes sense at the end and you sit there for hours not believing that you just got fucked that hard.
What are your general 'dislikes'? established relationship, the bunker, mpreg, scat, watersports, hard BDSM, excessive dirty talk, bestiality, abuse of any kind, non-con, a/b/o (mainly bc I don't 'get' it or read it very much at all), any mention of angels, body horror

What can you do? Sam/Dean, gen, J2 RPF (though it'd be my first time doing J2, I'm willing to give it a go♥)
What can you definitely not do? dislikes above + Dean/Cas, Jensen/Misha, Sam/Cas, Jared/Misha

List up to five prompts (optional):
1. Season 10 Dean somehow gets transported back in time to find that he's in Palo Alto and Sam's still at Stanford. They meet at a bar and, as confusing as it is, they end up hooking up in the bathroom then go back to Dean's motel uwu
2. Any weecest thing ever as long as there is pining, some angst and an eventual resolution of feelings between them.
3. "I was drunk and you were high and WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CAR?"
4. Anything that is a mash up of my likes, I will adore♥
LJ name: hunters_retreat
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? Fic

What pairings/characters would you like? Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen

What are your general 'likes'? First Time, Boys in Space, A/B/O, Soul Bonding
What are your general 'dislikes'? Death fic, cheating boys

What can you do? Wincest, RPS, Gen
What can you definitely not do? Death Fic

List up to five prompts (optional):
-Jared and Jensen are just passing through a space station and meet
-Sam and Dean, backroads and hidden hideaways
-Anything with the boys being fey :P
- Dean is injured and Sam has to protect/care for him
-Either pairing, secrets come out unintentionally (through a spell/curse/journal left out/former-best friend blabs)
LJ name: majestic_duxk
Contact email: sweeeeeeeeeeeeny @

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? writer
What sort of gift would you like? fic, but I would take anything :)

What pairings/characters would you like? I like dean with pretty much anyone: sam, cas, gabriel, michael, victor, benny, and polyships with dean.

What are your general 'likes'? bottom!dean, possessive partners, abo, d/s, sub!dean, dub!con,

What are your general 'dislikes'? RPF, unhappy endings, cheating,

What can you do? kink, abo, mpreg, bottom!dean, humour, fluff, polyships, I'll try most things not on my dislike/not list

What can you definitely not do? RPF, torture, unhappy endings

List up to five prompts (optional):

1) angel bros being angels bros

2) dean kept locked up in a cock cage

3) sub!dean hiding his designantion

4) protective brother Sam
LJ name: riyku
Contact email: you already have it!

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? writer
What sort of gift would you like? fic!

What pairings/characters would you like? Jared/Jensen, Sam/Dean

What are your general 'likes'? AU or non-AU, smart Winchesters, psycho-codependant-us-against-the-world-Winchesters, student/teacher, gender swap (i.e. always-a-girl!Dean or Sam), tattoos, piercings, punk rock boys, cross dressing, corsetkink, age difference, first times, awkward sex, kissing, virginity, friends-to-lovers, UST that is eventually resolved, stepbrothers, power imbalances, darkfic, infidelity, happy or at least hopeful endings, road trips, weecest, underage, porn, institutionalized boys, bloodplay, knife play, gunplay, shotgunning, exhibitionism, creaturefic, non-AU future fic, curtainfic, hookerfic, rimming, fingering, wall!sex, therapist/patient, summer camp, priest!fic, apocafic, dystopias, trustkink, competency.
What are your general 'dislikes'? blatantly unhappy endings, extreme underage, scat, anything involving angels, kidfic, mpreg, non-con, John/anybody, gen, bdsm, use of RL family members (i.e. wives and kids), heteronormative relationships, major character death.

What can you do? Sam/Dean, J2, threesomes involving Sam/Dean or J2, a mix up of FPS or RPS (i.e. Sam/Jensen, Dean/Jared).
What can you definitely not do? femmeslash, het (except genderswap), angels.

List up to five prompts:

* non-AU J2 future fic. It's been years since they've seen each other, but some things never change.

* "He's a ghost story."

* First time weecest. A slow burn over a hot summer.

* This might be their last night on earth.

* Any mishmash of my likes would be awesome!
LJ name: caithream
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? Fic or art

What pairings/characters would you like? Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen, Dean/any female character

What are your general 'likes'? hurt/comfort, angst, angst with happy ending, pining/UST, hurt!Jensen, hurt!Dean, almost any kind of AU (space, coffee shop, superheros, medieval, magic, college, etc), soulmates/bonding, creature!fic, grumpy!Jensen, abandonment issues, Standford Era, het, bottom!Dean/Jensen, a/b/o, mpreg, dub-con, and etc!

What are your general 'dislikes'? extreme underage, embarrassment kinks, voyeurism, watersports, unhappy endings, bdsm, infidelity, irl wife bashing, non-con

What can you do? Wincest, J2, RPF, het, gen
What can you definitely not do? anything relationship related with Misha/Castiel, anything listed in the "dislikes" category above

List up to five prompts (optional):

It doesn't have to be any of these, but here's a few ideas! :)

1. 99% of the world's population has powers of some sort. Jensen is one of the few who does not.
2. Sam and Dean are forced to take part in a game of Dungeons and Dragons, or suffer the consequences
3. "And when your legs gives out just lie right down / and I will kiss you 'til your breath is found."


September 11 2016, 02:42:06 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  September 11 2016, 02:44:58 UTC

LJ name: tifaching
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? Fic

What pairings/characters would you like? Sam/Dean, Sam'n'Dean, Alastair/Dean, Benny/Dean, John/Dean, Dean centric gen, Crowley/Dean, Evil/Sam/Dean, Dean/OMCs, Meg/Dean

What are your general 'likes'? Gen, wincest, slash, humor, angst, h/c, pre-series, post-series, canon, bottomDean, snark, violence, non-con, consensual, hurt!Dean, daddy!cest, Dean's PTSD and alcoholism, Crowley and Dean's bromance, piercings
What are your general 'dislikes'? Angels, m-preg, water sports, first person pov, character bashing, genderswap, AU where the boys aren't hunters or brothers, AUs in general

What can you do? Wincest, slash with the pairings above, gen, angst, humor, h/c, outside pov, non-con, violence, consensual, fluff, underage (no younger than 14)
What can you definitely not do? RPF, Any angel pairing with anyone, m-preg, D/S, extreme AU

List up to five prompts (optional):
1. Dean is abducted by aliens (happy ET aliens or scary anal probe aliens) Either way he comes back to Sam a changed man.
2. They've been to the rundown house on the outskirts of Atlanta before, Dean knows they have but he has no memories, only dark dread. Sam remembers.
3. There's a road through hell. Or maybe it's topside. Dean can't tell the difference sometimes.
4. Sometimes you don't realize what you've got until it's gone.
5. If none of these inspire you, no problem. Take a gander at the pairings I like and the genres and go nuts!
LJ name: cherie_morte
Contact email: pitifulcreatureofdarkness ( A T ) hotmail ( D O T ) com
Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? Anything!

What pairings/characters would you like? Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen, any mix of Jared/Jensen/Genevieve, Jensen/Sam, any mix of Sam/Dean/Jess, Genevieve/Adrianne

What are your general 'likes'? CASUAL INTIMACY. Equality in relationships, codependency, angst (can have a happy ending, but I would prefer it not be forced), fics where the characters are good for each other. Ugly duckling characters who grow into swans. Incest, psuedocest, infidelity, amnesia, tentacles, sentient bestiality, necro/sentient necro, wing fic, prison fic, hooker fic, robots, aliens, famous/not-famous AUs, protective-big-brother!Dean, pining, weird dicks/creative genitalia, underage (can be extreme) as long as one person is older and it's nasssssty dirty and knows that it is nassssty dirty. Non-AU RPF is good as well as AU. I'm partial to top!Jensen and super cockslutty!Jared but also like switch and top!Jared/bottom!Jensen. Don't care who tops in Sam/Dean but if Sam is really slutty and wants all the dicks I promise to be charmed by it. Honestly, whatever feels right in the fic for the sex is a-ok with me as long as it's not a kink on my DNW list, but please don't emasculate Jensen, make him painfully shy or twinky. I prefer character/relationship-driven fic to plotty fic or PWP (does not mean the fic cannot have plot or porn! I'd just prefer the characters and how their relationship evolves be the focus).

What are your general 'dislikes'? Any unlisted pairings. Focus on minor characters rather than Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen (unless they are part of a pairing I requested). High School or College AUs, superhero AUs, fuck-or-die, sex pollen, "xyz" made them do it, going into heat, arranged marriage/pretend to be gay/boyfriends, D/s, dub/non-con, bondage, water sports, spanking, evil or soulless!Sam, main pairing characters being an asshole, MPREG (any kidfic), trust issues, power imbalances, gen fic. For fics set in the distant past, I am SUPER OKAY with anachronistic dialogue; PLEASE do not try to make them speak period appropriate by removing conjunctions/having everyone talk formally. Sam/Dean AU in which they're not related. Minimal John Winchester if he has to be in it at all, same goes to Bobby. Cartoonishly shy or geeky Jensen. Bad guy!spouses. Awkward first times. Vampires, werewolves. Samulet or voice mail fix it. I do not want anything set after 8x23 that acknowledges S9/takes the events of S9 for granted. No characters or plot events from Season 9 or beyond should be brought into the fic. Travis Aaron Wade should not be in the fic unless you're looking to cast an insignificant asshat character (in which case go nuts). If for some reason Chuck is included, he should not be God nor should any allusions to him even possibly being God be made.

What can you do? Any of the pairings listed in my requests. Any 2 or 3 person combination of Jared, Jensen, Genevieve, Adrianne Palicki, and Sandy. Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Jess, Sam/Cas, Jared/Misha. Victor Henriksen with Sam, Dean, Jess, or Bela. Any of the above mentioned Sam pairings with girl!Sam. Anything mentioned in likes. I can do gen as long as it's Sam'n'Dean-centric but would rather not.
What can you definitely not do? Any other pairings or characters. Anything listed in my dislikes. Anything set after 8x23 in the Supernatural canon. Not really here to write about angels.
List up to five prompts:

1. Weresharks. Sharks have two dicks--isn't that way better than knots? They also bite each other during mating to stay attached. What if one person is drowning and the wereshark saves them with buddy breathing? Basically, weresharks.

2. Sam feels a fierce need to protect Jensen. Dean is dead or AWOL and Sam is mourning him. PLEASE do not make Jensen looking like Dean be a thing Sam has to get over; it should be clear (if not to Jensen) that Sam's attraction to him has everything to do with his resemblance to Dean (whether Sam and Dean have been romantic in the past or if Sam wanted it but it was unrequited or he never tried for it, completely up to you). Sam might grow to love Jensen in his own right, but it can also be a sad thing where Jensen always knows that Sam has someone else he isn't letting go of (he doesn't have to know he looks exactly like Sam's brother), but he loves Sam too much to leave him over it. Delicious, delicious angst.

3. A fanvideo about what badasses the Winchesters are set to Kid Cudi's Heart of a Lion. I'd prefer if the focus of this was not on demon!Dean/Soulless!Sam or any possessed/evil versions of the boys but rather on Sam and Dean themselves being scary, dangerous, smart, and expertly trained.


4. I love canon divergent AUs that present creative continuations of the Supernatural story. I would especially love to learn other ways the story continues following season 3, season 5, or season 8.

5. She Loves Me RPF AU. Person A is manager & Person B is new hire; they have some disagreement on day 1 so they really dislike each other. Slowly their antagonism begins to be grudging respect because even though they do not like each other, they can see that the other is intelligent/snarky/sticks to their guns, etc. They both have pen pals they are rapidly falling in love with. Finally they decide to go on a pen pal date, but Person A arrives and sees Person B and freaks out because they are sure Person B will be disappointed and storm out when they find out their pen pal is their despised manager, so they let Person B think their pen pal stood them up. Person A starts trying to woo Person B in earnest. It works but Person B feels like they are emotionally cheating on pen pal. Finally they find out, cue "I was hoping it was you."

Please don't feel beholden to my prompts if there are things in my likes that jump out to you more. I know they are stupidly specific and I am especially bad at thinking of Sam/Deam prompts, but they are my OTP, so go for it (I prefer canon compliant or divergent to full-on AUs for Sam/Dean)!
LJ name: rockstarpeach

Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? writer

What sort of gift would you like? anything

What pairings/characters would you like? J2, Jared/JDM, Jensen/Misha, Dean and Sam gen, Dean/Cas, Dean/Lisa, Sam/Lucifer

What are your general 'likes'? fluff, angst, porn, humour, slutty bottom Jared, grumpy Jensen

What are your general 'dislikes'? hard core kink, overly hurt boys

What can you do? anything except...

What can you definitely not do? John/Dean, John/Sam, real life rpf couples

List up to five prompts (optional):
time travel
surprise party
public/semi-public sex


September 11 2016, 16:49:04 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  September 11 2016, 17:16:07 UTC

LJ name: galadriel13
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? fic/art/vid

What pairings/characters would you like? Destiel, Wincest, Wincestiel. Dean-centric.

What are your general 'likes'? My ships: Destiel, Wincest, Wincestiel.
My likes: Hurt!Dean, explicit/mature (fun but not a must), angst, established, first time, drama, love, sex, feels, happy ending, sad ending, character-centric, canon-verse, BAMF any of the guys.

What are your general 'dislikes'? Kinks, rape, torture, underage, horror, character bashing anyone, de-aging, PWP.

What can you do? Gen, het, slash, ship. Wincest, Destiel, Wincestiel, Sastiel, Denny (Dean/Benny). Dean/girl, Dean/boy, Sam/girl, Sam/boy, Cas/girl, Cas/boy, Charlie/girl. SPN Canonverse and SPN AU, J2-AU. Sex, explicit, mature, death, h/c, gen, emotion, shmoop, pie, happy ending and sad ending. Plot, PWP.

What can you definitely not do? Lucifer. Sabriel, J2 RPF, John/anyone. Rape, torture, BDSM, Kinks, Underage, bashing any character/person.

List up to five prompts (optional):

Destiel: Cas rescues Dean in the nick of time from a fate worse than death. Dean is hurt. Cas shows his love.

Destiel, Wincest or Wincestiel or gen: Sam or Cas or both, help Dean with his Hell trauma.

Destiel: Dean teaches Cas about sex. Maybe Cas has some surprises in store for Dean?

Denny (Dean/Benny): Benny protects Dean in Purgatory but makes Dean believe he's in protecting Benny. Hurt!Dean and/or sex are bonus. :-)

Destiel, Wincest or Wincestiel: Canon divergence where Dean, Sam and Cas all get a happy ending.

(I'm happy with anything that ticks my 'likes' boxes really!)


September 11 2016, 18:51:55 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  September 11 2016, 18:52:43 UTC

LJ name: lady_simoriah
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? fic/art

What pairings/characters would you like? Wincest, Wincestiel, Team Free Love (aka Sam/Dean/Cas/Gabriel), J2, J2/Wives, J2/Danneel, J2M

What are your general 'likes'? AU's of all sorts, polyamory/threesomes/foursomes, schmoop/fluff, porn/smut, switching, casefic, episode re-writes/codas, domestic, bunker fic, voyeurism, happily ever afters, NSFW art is perfectly awesome, soulmates/reincarnation
What are your general 'dislikes'? non-con, extreme underage (I can handle it if they're in high school but much lower and it's just, no), daddy!cest or daddy!kink, darkfic, death fic, permanently unrequited feelings, hardcore BDSM, abuse, MPREG, watersports

What can you do? Pretty much anything listed in my likes both pairings wise and tropes/kinks wise. I'm also open to writing Destiel/Cockles and Sassy/Mishalecki even though I don't always like reading them myself. (Yes, I know I'm strange) I'm also open to rare pairs and/or especially moresomes of slashy/het/femmeslashy variety (ex. Dean/Sam/Pamela, Pamela/Charlie/Jess, J2/Tahmoh, etc.).
What can you definitely not do? Gen (staying under NC-17 is hard for me), hardcore BDSM, JDM, John Winchester, Bobby, male big bads and the actors that play them (Azazel, Alistair, Dick, Lucifer, etc.), unhappy endings, extreme underage, MPREG, watersports

List up to five prompts (optional):
1. Fantasy or Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance AU! Think either Tolkien/Mercedes Lackey or Laurell K Hamilton/JR Ward depending on whether it's SPN or SPN RPF since SPN is close to being urban fantasy as it is.
2. A festive pub crawl (ala Mardi Gras or St. Patty's Day or even Christmas or New Years)
3. Something foodie related whether it's characters competing on something like Iron Chef or something more simple ala Diners, Drive In's and Dives. Basically anything having to do with food.
4. Pokemon Go! Maybe the characters on the back of Osric's On the Hunt tee come to life or something more like this: Be as serious or cracktastic as you want!
5. Any crazy combination of the above prompts or whatever the writer/artist feels inspired to do based on my likes/pairings.
LJ name: darklittleheart
Contact email: cleo96x @ gmail dot com

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? artist
What sort of gift would you like? fic please

What pairings/characters would you like? Jensen/Jared, Dean/Sam

What are your general 'likes'? top!Jensen/Dean, dom!Jensen/Dean, au/non-au, bdsm, sex!toys, rough!sex, hate!sex, badass!boys, action, crime/mafia fics, werewolves/cats, a/b/o, knotting, alpha/alpha, mpreg!Jared/Sam, pregnant!sex, sf, space, fantasy, hurt/comfort, moc/demon!Dean, bloodplay, role reversal, top younger!Jensen/Dean, established relationships, only or mostly Jared/Sam!POV, angst with a happy ending.

What are your general 'dislikes'? sub or bottom!Jensen/Dean, topping from the bottom, switch-hitting, teen or twinky!Jared/Sam, underage, animal/child/woman abuse, abused!Jensen/Dean, humiliated!Jensen/Dean, mpreg!Jensen/Dean, miscarriage/abortion, weak/limp boys, high school/college fics, fic without penetrative and explicit!sex, Jensen/Dean treats Jared/Sam like glass, sex in animal form, guilty!Dean/Jensen, het, f/f, gen, watersports, scat, body\gender swap, feminisation of characters, transgender, Jensen/Dean with somebody else than Jared/Sam, death!fic, ending where boys break up.

What can you do? wincest, J2
What can you definitely not do? see dislikes

List up to five prompts (optional):

1. Jared is ruthless and powerful mob boss/businessman, Jensen is his "right hand" and Jared's strict dom.
2. J2 as FBI agents who must to work together on the murder case.
3. Boyking!Sam rule hell with moc/demon!Dean by his side, behind closed doors Dean is his dom.
4. starship captain!Jensen, alien!Jared
5. Something based on my "likes" list
LJ name: Psynatural (also Psynatural on ao3 if you want to gift me that way)
Contact email: Emailed to mods

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Artist
What sort of gift would you like? Fic

What pairings/characters would you like? Dean/Castiel, Charlie/Gilda, Charlie/other-female-character, Sam/Eileen, Claire/Alex, Jody/Donna; Team Free Will, Wayward Daughters

What are your general 'likes'? FLUFF and HAPPY ENDINGS! If you write a pairing, please have them at least kissing by the end (sex is optional, but I really want lip-locks). I also really like plot (especially long and plotty if you are up to it). Other things I really like include: emotional/spiritual bond between Dean/Cas not just physical attraction, grace, powers, true form/voice, anything where Dean becomes an angel or part-angel, cats, bats, marine mammals, birds, dinosaurs (especially feathered Velociraptors), Halloween, foreign languages, time travel, Cas not having a strong gender identity, surprise twists, perspective of Cas as a non-human millennia-old angel of the lord, matchmaker!Sam, Gabriel playing tricks on everyone,
What are your general 'dislikes'? Wincest, Dean/anyone-besides-Cas, Cas/anyone-besides-Dean, evil!Sam, Sam/Lucifer, John, Amara, Amelia, character death, Charlie being dead (either show her alive and well or don’t mention her), sad endings, unhealthy relationships, non-con, domestic abuse, spanking, Daddy!kink, heavy BDSM, student/teacher romance, underage sex, smoking, main characters as werewolves/zombies/vampires

What can you do? Dean/Castiel, Charlie/Gilda, Charlie/other-female-character, Sam/Eileen, Claire/Alex, Jody/Donna; Team Free Will, Wayward Daughters
What can you definitely not do? RPF, Wincest, NSFW art, Dean/anyone-besides-Cas, Cas/anyone-besides-Dean, Sam/Lucifer, John, Amara, Amelia, character death, sad endings, unhealthy relationships, domestic abuse, spanking, basically nothing very angsty, student/teacher romance, smoking, main characters as werewolves/zombies/vampires

List up to five prompts: (mix and match however you like – these are just for inspiration)
1. Wingfic – whether it is full out wing grooming sessions, teenage Cas molting, Cas teaching Dean to fly on wings of his own, or even just passing mentions of wings, this is guaranteed to make me squee. Can include other kinds of wings besides angel wings, like fairy wings, bat wings, etc.
2. Child Cas and Child Dean, either growing up together, or through a de-aging spell, preferably with angel Cas still having cute little wings
3. Anything where the characters are affected by some sort of spell/curse; can include things like slow transformations, sprouting wings, temporarily changing into animals (preferably not dogs/wolves, bonus points for something uncommon), or it could be things like a curse that causes temporary sensory limitations, or gives them extra senses or synesthesia, or makes it so that they can only speak in riddles or foreign languages or in song, etc. Basically have fun coming up with whatever kind of crazy spell/curse strikes your muse
4. Characters as merpeople – can be a merpeople AU, or (less common in fanfics) character(s) get changed into merpeople during the story
5. Anything where characters have magical powers/psychic powers/super powers/etc.


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LJ name: sammycolt24
Contact email:

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Artist
What sort of gift would you like? anything

What pairings/characters would you like? Sam/Gadreel, Sam/Castiel

What are your general 'likes'? Canon and AU’s. Sam/Gadreel, Sam/Castiel. soulmate, destined to be together, fantasy. Happy endings, hurt/comfort with focus on comfort, protector!Cas/Gadreel, hurt Sam (followed by comfort), NC-17, falling in love, kissing, schmoop, first times, fluff, bottom Sam.

What are your general 'dislikes'? No femslash, gender swaps, dub-con, non-con, BDSM, threesomes. No torture, or anything gore/blood related, no evil!fic please.

What can you do? Wincest, RPF, gen with focus on Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gadreel, Jared/Jensen, I’m good with Gen, slash up to NC-17, see likes. I can also explore things not on my like list.

What can you definitely not do? Female characters, underage 17, no a/b/o or mpreg, high school, please see dislikes.

List up to five prompts: Not in any particular ranking order.

-Sam likes it when Gadreel wraps his wings around him; safe, home, comfort

-Sam and Gadreel form a close bond during their stay in the bunker; Sam/struggle and Gadreel/comfort (both can also play both parts)

-Sam is like a hot furnace, he can warm anything in the room in the bunker with his body. Castiel can't seem to shake this deep chill and wants to be warmed by Sam.

-Sam tries so hard to do what’s right, but he believes he isn’t enough for anyone. Castiel shows him otherwise.

-Christmas wildcard with either pairing!

Honestly, I’m pretty easy, just have fun!
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