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The Supernatural and CWRPF Holiday Exchange 2016 - Sign-ups

As promised, spn_j2_xmas is back for a 2016 round!

This is a Secret Santa style fanworks exchange for the SPN and CWRPF fandom. You sign up with what you'd like to receive and what you're able to do, then you're matched up to create a SPN or CWRPF fandom gift for another participant and to receive one in return.

Art, fic, and vids are all welcome as are any and all pairings. Despite the community name, this is not a J2 only exchange - you can request Sam/Castiel, Rowena gen, Jensen/Rob, Osric/Genevieve, or whichever other pairings float your boat.

A run down of the rulesCollapse )

Drop-out/sign-up policyCollapse )

Signing up!Collapse )


Sign ups will run for one week, from today Tuesday September 6th to 11:59pm EST on Tuesday September 13th.

Assignments will be sent out approximately a week later, on or after September 20th. We'll post when they've been sent out and ask everyone to confirm receipt.

Posting of gifts will run from December 1 to December 25, 2016. You can post your gift any time in that range - there are no assigned posting dates - and we'll be checking in with you along the way. We will give you full posting instructions nearer the time!

If you sign up, we would also recommend joining and watching the community now so that you can be granted posting access and so that you don't miss out on any information.

One last thing: If you have participated in any of the past rounds and have changed your LJ name since, please let us know, either in your sign-up comment or in an email to spnj2xmas @ This is to try and prevent people getting the same match-ups as they've had in the past - we want to keep things new for everyone!

Any questions, please send them to the mod email address: spnj2xmas @

Pinch-hitters, as always, are lifesavers. A post will go up nearer the time pinch-hitters are needed, asking for your sign-ups. ♥

If you would like to help promote this round, please check out the delightfully dorky promo banners I made HERE.

Here's to another fantastic round! Have fun!
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