Gift for madebyme_x: Take Your Dragon on a Road Trip Day


Fic Link on AO3: Take Your Dragon on a Road Trip Day

Gifter: Jet44

Pairing/Characters: Gen. Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer

Word count: 11,664

Rating: Teen and up

Warnings: Blood, non-permanent injury, DIY surgery (not graphic)


It all started with trying to drown a dragon in a hotel bathtub. Or rather, failing to drown a fire-breathing humanoid dragon in a hotel bathroom on Christmas Eve. When that fails, the Winchesters head up to a snowy mountain lake with a monster in the trunk. There's no such thing as a routine monster drowning, and unfortunately, they're spotted by the local game warden as they toss a humanoid form off the back of their boat with cinderblocks chained to its ankles. Even more unfortunately, the monster manages to sink their boat as its parting shot.

It's Christmas Eve as only the Winchesters can do it: cold, wet, bloody, and involving handcuffs and stitches and backwoods cabins. And brotherly love and good friends who bring pie and a good bottle of Hunter's Helper to the party.


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