tammyrenh (tammyrenh) wrote in spn_j2_xmas,

Gift fornerdypastrychef

Title: The Gold Room
Giftee: nerdypastrychef
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Sam
Medium: fic
Rating: PG13
Warnings: cursing, pining, kissing, references to sex, references to underage sexual feelings

Summary: Set in season 8, Sam has finished the first trial and Sam and Dean are still on unsteady ground as far as their relationship goes. To distract them, Sam finds them a hunt which leads them to a man who does not age and the story of a gold room where you can get what you want, if you dare wish for it.

To my giftee:
nerdypastrychef – I hope this is somewhere in the range of what you were looking for. I used the Richard Silken bot random quote and did a little twist on the sharing a bed trope. I hope you enjoy the story!
Richard Silken bot quote: We were in the gold room where everyone finally gets what they want, so I said What do you want, sweetheart? And you said Kiss me.

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