Vera (raths_kitten) wrote in spn_j2_xmas,

Gift for ReedusCollinsAckles

Title: Ghost of Christmas Past
Gifter: raths_kitten
Giftee: ReedusCollinsAckles (over on AO3)
Pairing/Characters: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word count/Medium: 11.121 / fic
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Summary: The day before Christmas Eve all flights out of New York are stranded due to a snowstorm. Unbeknownst to them, Dean and Castiel both have the same destination. Which is lucky, because there’s only one rental car left. It’s the start of a road trip filled with a few more Christmas movie clichés – and coming to grips with a troubled high school experience for the both of them.

=> AO3 <=
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