Nisaki (swan_song21) wrote in spn_j2_xmas,

Gift for non_tiembo_mala

Title: This, and My Heart, and All The Fields
Pairing/Characters: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Word count/Medium: 19k
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Summary: Jensen is assigned to escort Prince Jared to his friend's wedding in another kingdom. He doesn't expect himself to be in the middle of a conspiracy, neither does he anticipate falling in love with the prince.

A/N: To my giftee non_tiembo_mala I hope you like this, I tried to put as much of your likes into it as I could, and I also took one of your prompts. I'm sorry it's late, but the story had a mind of its own and got longer than I expected.
This story is inspired by a gorgeous gift set on tumblr made by the ever talented Aeren. Thank you for allowing me to use your work as an inspiration.
Many thanks to my beta the amazing Soy-em who I dumped this one last minute. I also have to say I pulled this shit TWICE this WEEK and she didn't complain and was very supportive. I love you, Em.
Thanks to the mods for holding this challenge, and to my group of writers who led me through this, and of course the wonderful Laughablelament I owe all my writing <3

Link to gift
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