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2018 Masterlist

And that's a wrap! The 2018 round of spn_j2_xmas is now officially finished, with 65 gifts exchanged this holiday season. Thank you to everyone who participated and created such amazing stories and art, especially our awesome pinch-hitters ♥ We had a blast!

Below the cut is this year's masterlist. Please be sure to acknowledge and thank your gifter for the time and effort they put into creating your gift if you haven't done so already. Enjoy!

Candy Is Dandy, by jdl71 for synn (Crowley, Gabriel, Samantha Ferris)
Isn't it about time... by amberdreams for kelleigh (Jared/Jensen)
What If?, by kuwlshadow for alyndra (SPN Crossovers)
More then one Night, by emmatheslayer for backrose_17 (Jared/Jensen/JDM)
Home for the Holidays, by whispered_story for fridayblues (Jared/Jensen/JDM)
Untitled, by darklittleheart for merakieross (Jared/Jensen)
It's a fairy thing, by merakieros for fogsrollingin (Jared/Jensen)
Dominoes, by a_biting_smile for kisahawklin (Sam/Dean/Castiel)
Untitled, by blackbluerose for jalu2 (Sam/Dean)
The Breath of Night, by cassiopeia7 for quickreaver (Sam & Dean)
never means forever, by tsalmavet for shadowcat_spn (Sam/Dean)

Several Fake Dates (And One Real One), by excoyote for lyryk
Getting Down And Out, by verucasalt123 for eatdirt69
The Gold Room, by tammyrenh for nerdypastrychef
A life in three parts, by thruterryseyes for verucasalt123
Touch My Brother and You Die, by runedgirl for fridayblues
Spice Up Your Life, by sometimesalways for swan_song21
Chief, by marietwist for kuwlshadow
Squirm, by wetsammy for blackbluerose
Wonderland Redux, by candygramme for marietwist
The Inheritance of Loss, by lyryk for cassiopeia7
The Last Mountain, by kelleigh for runedgirl
Confusing Reality and Porn Again, by nerdypastrychef for sometimesalways
The Butterfly Effect, by cherie_morte for excoyote
Once dwelt in that annihilated place., by stripytights for marciaelena
s We Roll Down This (Un)Familiar Road, by jalu2 for smalltrolven
love me dead, by chris9065 for melungeoned
trees are their roots and wind is wind, by marciaelena for oddishly
Born to Die, by glovered for foggysundays
Sex Pollen Didn’t Make Them Do It, by alyndra for glovered
Fever, by tifaching for wincest_whore

Sam & Dean gen
Take Your Dragon on a Road Trip Day, by jet44 for madebyme_x
A Very Winchester Christmas, by madebyme_x for stanfordsam
Home is Wherever I’m With You, by juliasets for tammyrenh
Deprivation, by fogsrollingin for amberdreams
Stille Nacht, by jet44 for kogsy21

Other SPN pairings
When Happiness Is A Choice, by smalltrolven for anewdream4xmas (Dean/Abaddon, Sam/OFC)
Friends with Fins (and Tentacles Too), by majestic_duxk for nyeh413peasants (Sam/Dean/Cas)
Day One, by foggysundays for tifaching (Dean/Alastair)
Matins, by kisahawklin for juliasets (Sam/Gabriel)
Ghost of Christmas Past, by raths_kitten for ReedusCollinsAckles (Dean/Cas)
Helias and Pyrrhus, by synn for theatregirl7299 (John/Dean Campbell)

I'll Take Care of You, by wincest_whore for homo_pink
Felix Culpa, by saltandbyrne for jdl71
The Bleeding Heart Left on the Shelf, by dugindeep for cherie_morte
Good Morning, Christmas, by gluedwithgold for stellamira
All I Want For Christmas, by jennylynneh for zubeneschamali
The Guy Next Door, by whispered_story for greatwall0fsam
Life’s Sweetest Reward, by herminekurotowa for darklittleheart
The (reluctant) adventures of Rockles and JPad, by soy_em for candygramme
Snow Comes Down in June, by zubeneschamali for soy_em
On the Winds of Morning, by dancing_adrift for gluedwithgold
This Isn’t Pretty Woman, by storyspinner70 for herminekurotowa
Deck the halls, by stellamira for emmatheslayer
It all Comes Back to This, by greatwall0fsam for brokenhighways
This, and My Heart, and All The Fields, by swan_song21 for non_tiembo_mala
Stuck On First, by brokenhighways for dancing_adrift
Flowers, Siken, and Tolkien, by backrose_17 for storyspinner70
In Perpetuum Et Unum Diem, by shadowcat_spn for junkerin
Splice, by wincest_whore for jennylynneh
Things that Go Bump in the Night, by kisahawklin for kogsy21
Twice Broken Makes A Whole, by fullmoon_nightowl for chris9065

Other RPF
Autumn Junction, by sleepypercy for the_rant_girl (Jensen/Jared/Danneel)
2nd choice, by junkerin for sleepypercy (Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Jared)
Keeping It Casual, by the_rant_girl for dugindeep (Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Danneel, Jared/Danneel)

Tags: !masterlist, !modly
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