Remus Buttplug Face (lazy_daze) wrote in spn_j2_xmas,
Remus Buttplug Face

Let the world know!

If you want to be awesome and spread the word, pick the banner of your choice and post it! You never know - the kink of your choice on the banner you post might just persuade that person on your flist who you know can do it perfectly to come sign up ;)!

Below each image is the code you'll need to post the picture and have it link back to the Fest.

(All images are hosted on my own LJ Scrapbook in absence of anywhere else at the moment - if you want to change the code to host pics on your own accounts/Photobucket/etc when you post it yourself that would be awesome, but I have pleeeenty of space on Scrapbook, so it doesn't matter either way.)

Any questions, just comment! :D
Tags: !modly
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