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Fic for Glovered

Title: Sex Pollen Didn’t Make Them Do It
Gifter: alyndra
Pairing/Characters: Dean & Sam Winchester
Word count/Medium: 4.5k
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Discussion of potential incest
Summary: Everyone is weirdly into Sam. Dean doesn’t like it. That’s it, that’s the case.

Notes: I am so sorry I took so long to get this done and posted, glovered! Mea culpa, and I hope you still enjoy!

Sex Pollen Didn’t Make Them Do It

Title: Flowers, Siken, and Tolkien
Gifter: backrose_17
Giftee: storyspinner70
Word Count: 3,459
Summary: Jensen Ackles has always been a love them and leaves them kind of alpha until he met library clerk the sweet and shy Jared and Jensen knew Jared was different and began doing something he never did before he began courting Jared.
Rating: PG
Author Notes: I'm sorry this is so late. Health issues in December made it hard to write. I really liked the super shy Jared and wooing Jensen prompt and I hope I did it justice.

Link to the story: AO3

Gift for foggysundays

Title: Born to die
Gifter: glovered
Giftee: foggysundays
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean, Sam/Michael!Dean
Word count: 10,000 words
Rating: R
Warnings: Dubcon (Dean is possessed)
Summary: Dean’s world is ending and they just engaged in high school-level fumbling, and he wasn’t even allowed to enjoy it.
A/N: Thank you for being patient while I finished your gift! This is definitely the darkest fic I've ever written, but still has notes of humor, and I tried to include a bunch of your likes. Happy new years!

Link to gift


Hello lovely participants! Most of our gifts have posted but we still have a handful of extensions and pinchhits that will be posted within the next week. So if you haven't seen a gift with your name on it, don't worry.

For now, enjoy all the other amazing works of fic and art, and have a happy new year!


Gift for quickreaver

Title: The Breath of Night
Gifter: cassiopeia7
Pairing/Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Medium: Ink, marker, and Photoshop
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied character death.
Summary: Moonlight can be misleading ...
Link to gift

Gift for dancing_adrift

Title: Stuck On First
Gifter: brokenhighways
Giftee: dancing_adrift
Pairing/Characters: J2
Word count: 13k
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: mentions of m/m sex
Summary: Jared and Jensen are former lovers who play for rival kickball teams. When they leave town to attend a National Kickball Championship, a hotel mix-up forces them to face the aftermath of their relationship.

Link to gift

Title: Helias and Pyrrhus
Gifter: Synn (threesidedorchid)
Pairing/Characters: John winchester/dean campbell
Word count/Medium: 17555
Rating: adult/explicit
Warnings: none, unless you count other pairings like saying/kevin and benny/dean. Also, Sam is a bit of an asshole here, sorry.
Omega Dean, about to step out into the world is invited to a house party being hosted by his friend (and crush) Sam Winchester, heir to one of the wealthiest families in the system. For Dean, it is the opportunity of a lifetime

Link to gift

For theatregirl7299 I am so sorry your gift is late! I saw your list of likes and was super excited because it was like reading my own favorite things. This is more futuristic Victorian au than medieval or elves, but I am really hoping you enjoy it anyway!

Gift for non_tiembo_mala

Title: This, and My Heart, and All The Fields
Pairing/Characters: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Word count/Medium: 19k
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Summary: Jensen is assigned to escort Prince Jared to his friend's wedding in another kingdom. He doesn't expect himself to be in the middle of a conspiracy, neither does he anticipate falling in love with the prince.

A/N: To my giftee non_tiembo_mala I hope you like this, I tried to put as much of your likes into it as I could, and I also took one of your prompts. I'm sorry it's late, but the story had a mind of its own and got longer than I expected.
This story is inspired by a gorgeous gift set on tumblr made by the ever talented Aeren. Thank you for allowing me to use your work as an inspiration.
Many thanks to my beta the amazing Soy-em who I dumped this one last minute. I also have to say I pulled this shit TWICE this WEEK and she didn't complain and was very supportive. I love you, Em.
Thanks to the mods for holding this challenge, and to my group of writers who led me through this, and of course the wonderful Laughablelament I owe all my writing <3

Link to gift

Gift for oddishly

Title: trees are their roots and wind is wind
Gifter: marciaelena
Giftee: oddishly
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 2,899
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: Together they choose to live.

Gift for brokenhighways

Title: It all Comes Back to This
Gifter: greatwall0fsam
Giftee: brokenhighways
Pairing/Characters: J2
Word count/Medium: 7,500+
Rating: R
Warnings: No warnings
Summary:Tragedy hits the lives of the family Padalecki when Jensen Ackles is 16 years old. Now that he's older and unknowingly answers an ad for a roommate, Jensen comes face to face with the only surviving member.

It All Comes Back to This