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SPN J2 Secret Santa

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Welcome to the Supernatural and Jsquared Holiday Exchange Fest!

This works like any Secret Santa Exchange - if you want to take part, just sign up with your request & what you can and can't do. You'll be assigned another participant to create a gift for based on their request, and someone will be making one for you, to be revealed when posting time comes around!

Sign-ups for the 2018 are here, and close Sept. 8th.

Our spoiler policy for the duration of the fest: Please white-line specific aired spoilers for season eleven. Please cut-tag specific spoilers when you post your gift. [white-line: use code: *<span style="background-color: #FFFFFF; color: #FFFFFF"> SPOILERS HERE </span>*]
This covers all new character names and any plot points for aired season thirteen episodes. At no point are spoilers for unaired-at-the-time episodes tolerated, even whitelined.

Gift posting will be running this year from 1st - 25th December 2018.

Please direct any questions, queries, comments, love, abuse, etc to: spnj2xmas @ gmail.com.

Happy Holidays

2017-2018 mods: oddishly and glovered

2015 mod: tebtosca

2013-2014 mod: bertee

Sam (lazy_daze) created this exchange, modded for 2008 - 2012, and generally masterminded this whole thing like the excellent person she is. ♥

Jules (randomisedhabit) modded with Sam for 2008 - 2011. Thanks for the legacy :D

Many many thanks to titheniel for the layout banner!